Westercon 72 Publications


Progress Report 0 - July 2017 edited on pricing as we allowed all who presupported & voted to become members

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Flyers by Dates


4/2017  Combined bids for Westercon 72 & NASFiC 2019 with primary train logo by Michael Bacara



5/2017  Combined bids with secondary logo by Kaitlund ZupanicBen Test4

7/2017  NASFiC Bag Design for BidNASFiCbagpic14087818 1 2

7/2017  Flyer for NASFiC Bid Only NasBenFly2


7/2017  Flyer with Guests announced at Westercon 70 for Westercon 72W72halfflyer 2


Aug/Sept 2017 Redesigns




Rack 4 - End of October Tackled Cons 





Membership Form (Current)


Westercon 72 Membership form - good until 9/30/17

NASFiC Bid Support Form - good throughout bid process 



Conventions we placed Ads/Sponsorship or Parties at:


Westercon 70  Tempe, Arizona 7/2017   (Ad, Bid Party 7/1/2017 - Victory Party 7/3/2017  Fannish Inquisition repped by Ben Hatcher)

NASFiC 2017 (North Americon)  San Juan, Puerto Rico 7/2017  (Sponsored Swag Bags - Fannish Inquisition repped by Dave Gallaher)

Myths & Legends Convention (Malcon)  Denver, Colorafo 8/2017  (Ad placed and sent flyers)

Worldcon 75  Helsinki, Finland  8/2017  (Sponsored a bench in the exhibit hall, fan table & flyers) 


Conventions we had flyers at:


Baycon  San Mateo, California 5/2017  Table ran by Rick Moen and Deirdre Saoirse Moen 

Sherlocked  Los Angeles, California 5/2017  Flyers taken by Dave Gallaher 

Mad Monster Party  Phoenix, Arizona 5/2017  Flyers taken by Dee Astell

Phoenix Comic Con  Phoenix, Arizona 5/2017  Flyers taken by Dee Astell

Fyrecon  Layton, Utah 6/2017  Table ran by Pamela Oberg and Charles Galway 

C3 or ConComCon  Tacoma, Washington 6/2017  Flyers taken by Elizabeth Vann-Clark

Westercon 70  Tempe, Arizona 7/2017  Table & Parties & Vote rep. staffed by Kate Hatcher, Ben Hatcher, Charles Galway & Ireland 

NASFiC 2017 (North Americon)  San Juan, Puerto Rico 7/2017  Table helped by Mike Willmoth, Dave Gallaher & various help from the staff of Worldcon 2018.  

San Diego Comic Con  San Diego, California 7/2017  Flyers taken by Kaitlund Zupanic