Convention Commitee Bios for Westercon 72 (and NASFiC should we win)

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Kate Hatcher (Isn't brought in last minute yay!) is a writer, disability advocate, RPG fan, customer service guru, voracious reader, world-builder and stay-at-home mother of an autistic giggle factory named Ireland. She majored in music theory and history at college and carries experience with lifestyle differences. 

Her first RPG character in the ’80s kicked a bad guy where it counts. After rolling 4 (D-6) and re-rolling successes, the table group groaned, protected their characters’ anatomies and pushed her to run online tabletop games. She met her husband Ben as her vampire erased his character’s memory and they stuck like fan-glue for the last fourteen years. Kate is often pulled into conventions last minute to help, which earned her the nickname of ‘Igor’. Certified to run the floor of a hospital, she volunteered with Westercon 67LTUE (Life, the Universe and Everything), Salt Lake Comic Con and is currently helping Westercon 70 . and Worldcon 76



Dave Doering - Vice Chair/Utah Fandom Organization

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Dave Doering is a life-long fan, even though he didn't discover fandom until he attended Brigham Young University. There he founded the student SF/F journal The Leading Edge, one of the oldest such continuously published in the country. He also founded Life, the Universe, and Everything, the annual writer/creator con held in Provo with over 1600 attending. He was chair of Costume Con 23 and Westercon 67 as well as served on staff for Conduit, Norwescon, and Sasquan..



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best teachers ever photo u1Taught to read by his oldest sister who read him Star Trek novels, Ben is an avowed fan of both Science Fiction and Fantasy. His first convention was the only visit of Doctor Who to South Carolina in the mid-eighties.  Later on, he attended and supported Gen Con, Origins, and the Star Wars 30th Anniversary Convention in Los Angeles, followed by two separate LTUE's and Westercon 67. Ben is also a long term online player of White Wolf's World of Darkness role-playing games, and online GM.   

He stays current with computer hardware, time permitting, and still has written permission from BBC to build his very own TARDIS computer. Ben is also a retired medieval weapon smith and armorer who swears his most popular selling item was the Klingon Bat'leth. Currently he works on his fan fiction writing as well doing research for an original novel.


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WolfSinger SilverShadow


Godfather to the Ireland giggle factory, Wolfsinger’s main goals include keeping Kate’s websites from imploding when she screws them up in the name of learning, and eating steak dinners for life. Working on his Bachelors in IT, he has an AA in computer science and multiple certifications. He has worked in the tech industry for over 25 years, and currently is a software engineer at ProShip.

Wolfsinger has enjoyed being a part of furry fandom since his teens. He has attended Midwest Furfest, Anthrocon, Gencon, Rainfurrest, Steamposium, and Fursquared. One of his goals is to get Westercon to Wisconsin so he doesn't have to help with Dave Doering and Kate Hatcher's conventions when they are all in Utah.


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Liz pic2

Elizabeth has been a fan since the day her parents introduced her to the Phantom of the Opera at Universal Studios and she reached to him for a hug. As a teenager, Elizabeth enjoyed role-playing games, table top, LARP, and video games. She expanded her fan interests further to explore theater, teaching renaissance dance to elementary school children, and volunteering as a makeup artist at her local community theater, The Richland Players. Elizabeth's varied fannish interests have served as a foundation for 10 years in convention programming. Her programming style features workshops and learning opportunities for a variety of genres.  At her local convention, Elizabeth rebooted their educational outreach, growing it from two schools to two dozen, with student writer and student artist contests at the convention. Her work in education helped increase the convention membership by an additional thousand new fans in three years. Elizabeth has taken on leadership positions through convention organization, from Secretary, Vice-Chair, to Chair. 

When not deeply involved in loving and supporting Pacific Northwest Fandom, Elizabeth teaches mathematics. She is currently completing a Masters in Mathematics Education, with over a decade's experience as a public education teacher and vocal supporter of local schools. Between fandom, education, and her two sets of twins, Elizabeth keeps very busy. She maintains such a level of dedication with the impressive support of her husband, Turtle. 


Charles Galway - (ConCom)

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 Charles delved into fandom in the 1970’s with Utah’s first Star Trek and Science Fiction conventions. He became involved with the next three cons (Intervention) and attended his first Westercons in 1978 & 1979. His first Worldcon was Iguanacon in 1978 in Phoenix. He has volunteered at 25 local CONduits, the joint CONduit & Westercon in 2014, and was an assistant chair for Costumecon 23 in Ogden, Utah. 

Charles worked in an engineering research lab in his spare time while getting a bio-degree and an MA in Education. He participates and works at ‘Make Salt Lake’ (a makerspace workshop) and enjoys helping bellydance shows with lighting, performing and assistant event tech. He was involved with the local Society for Creative Anachronism shire and Barony Loch Salaan.



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Pamela Oberg is a Utah fan of long experience. She went to her first con in 1977 and joined her first concom in 1978. Pam was the chair of the Salt Lake City convention, CONduit for over 15 years. One of her claims to fame is it's far easier to list the concom positions she hasn't held.than those that she has. Although this is her first time as treasurer. Pam lives in Sunset, Utah with her ever helpful husband. They are currently owned by a street-wise orange tabby named Speck.



Ginny Smith - Social Media/ Co-Chair of World Fantasy 2020


Ginny Smith is the bestselling, award-winning author of 35 novels in multiple genres. Her first love was, and remains, fantasy. Though her publishing career led her in a different direction, she slips fantasy elements into her novels whenever she can get away with it. While her personal blog is sadly ignored most of the time, she is a confirmed Facebook-aholic and Twitter-head. She serves the Westercon 72 committee as Social Media Maven. Learn more about Ginny at, facebook/ginny.p.smith, or @VirginiaPSmith




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Michael and Ed

Michael began producing books in 1976, back when dinosaurs still roamed parts of Utah. In the 40 years since, he has been a graphic artist, illustrator, cartoonist and book designer. He has worked in planetariums, museums and various publication companies. His colorful illustrations and amusing cartoons have been featured in newspapers, books and magazines. In that time he has also survived many, many science fiction conventions and art shows.  

After several false starts, Michael began writing science fiction novels in 2008. His first book, “Field Trip,” was released in November, 2014. His second novel, “Standardized Test,” will be released in 2018. He currently lives in North Ogden, Utah, with his wife Lynne, son Rob and daughter-in-law Courtnee, writing, painting and working with the national award-winning, Treehouse Children’s Museum as a consulting artist, exhibit designer and painter. 


Logan Kearsley - (ConCom)

Logan Kearsley has worked on the LTUE committee in Provo, Utah, for 7 years, including one year as committee chair. He's done gophering and odd jobs for WesterCon, World Horror, and FyreCon. In addition to chairing, Logan has handled convention A/V, writing contests, programming for science/worldbuilding, gaming, and art, and has run artists' alleys and an arts show. For the last 5 years, he and his wife have been doing audio-visual recording and managing the historical archive and, more recently, a YouTube channel for LTUE.


Dee Astell - Steampunk Archon Countess Chaos Dee

Dee Astell aka Countess Chaos is the Chair for Westercon 70 and is a regular face at many conventions, including Wild Wild West Con, at which she’s the fashion show manager. Dee’s held the title of Steampunk Event Coordinator for a variety of conventions: Phoenix Comicon, Phoenix Fan Fest, LepreCon, DarkCon, FANtasm.

Dee runs a host of maker workshops including teacup headband fascinators, stylish lapel pins, along with frames, trinket boxes and Steampunk weaponry. She’s been set photographer for many local independent films, occasionally venturing in front of the camera for odd roles as well. She’s also a co-founder of the Arizona Penny Dreadfuls, which was her brainchild.


Ben Yalow - Site Selection Administrator

BenYalowIf you ask Ben Yalow, he will tell you he has been to about 800 or so conventions, and worked on about 300 or so of them, at levels ranging from gofer to regional convention chair and Worldcon Chair Staff and Division head. In other words we are honored he is bringing his experience to our convention. 

Ben also edited four books for NESFA Press.


Bruce Farr - Finance: Advisor/BudgetFarr Bruce 2002 200x280

Bruce, certified in accounting, has worked on fan related activities since 1978 including Facilities, Finance, and Exhibits. What seemed to start out as a hobby has made him one of the main go-to guys for finance advice on regional, national and worldcon conventions.

In the off time, it is a question if he has any. Bruce and his wife, Lea Farr, are treasured staples in con-running and the more recent history of fandom. They live in Santa Rosa, CA, home of wine country.


Other Committee Members: (Who will hopefully grace us with their info soon)

Michael Oberg

Hal Astell

Rick Moen

Jayrod Garrett

Joe Monson

Michael Harmon

Jaleta Clegg

John Hertz

Randall Shepherd

Chris Marble

Dave Knighton

Dave Morris

Flo Velasquez

Gary Blog

Gibbitt Rhys-Jones

Jess Smart Smiley

Kaitlund Zupanic

Robert 'Turtle' Clark

Kelly Strait

Kim Williams

Kevin Standlee

Lisa Hayes

Linda Deneroff

Marsha Glassner

Mike Willmoth

Suford Lewis

Robert Goodwin

Stacey Helton

Steve Davidson

Tanglwyst de Holloway

Derek Gray




What is a Westercon?
In 1948, Walter J. “Doc” Daugherty of the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society proposed that an annual West Coast convention be started for West Coast fans who couldn’t afford to travel east each year. The first Westercon was held in September, 1948. It was a one-day event with an attendance of 77. It wasn’t until 1951 that the Westercon became a weekend-long event, settled into the July 4th holiday and began traveling to different cities. For a full history and traditions of this regional event, please visit

In the Works...

Committee Gallery
Images of our committee to show how we are tackling the job and how crazy we can be!

Which Convention is Next?

Find out where our flyers will be, tables, parties or us! February 2018 is so busy we crammed our flyers in 5 different places over Valentines Day Weekend!

Farpoint MD Hunt Valley, MD

February 9 - 11th, 2018

Location: Delta Hotel by Marriott

Our flyers are reaching further than ever, and thanks to Keith DeCandido, they are going to Farpoint! Have fun Maryland!



Capricon Wheeling, Il

Dates: February 15 - 18th, 2018

Location: The Westin Chicago North Shore

All hail fan GOH Dave McCarty for Capricon, but also find our flyers thanks to Bill Thomasson who is going to hold a "TrainCon" to Westercon 72 in 2019!

Capricon 38


LTUE 36 Provo, Utah

Dates: February 15 - 17th, 2018

Location: Provo Marriott & UVCC

Our Programming Dept. Head - Elizabeth Vann-Clark hopes to say hello, dazzle you with everything we have planned and ply you with ribbons or artwork. Our chair, treasurer, artists and social media will also be there reminding you to get your membership early and presupport our NASFiC bid.


Gallifrey One

Gallifrey One Los Angeles, CA

February 16 - 18th, 2018

Location: The Marriott LAX

A what? not what, Doctor Who! thank you to some of our committee including Chris Marble and David Gallaher for spreading our flyer love through space and time

Gallifrey One


Boskone 55 Boston, MA

Dates: February 16 - 18th, 2018

Location: Westin Waterfront Hotel, Boston Mass.

Congrats to Mary Robinette Kowal on GOH, and find a table much like this one with everything you need to presupport the NASFiC Bid, dang Train Gang hijacking us again! Thank you Steve Davidson!

Boskone 55


Radcon Pasco, WA

Dates: February 16 - 18th, 2018

Location: Red Lion Hotel

Yes we crammed flyers at yet another convention! Although we spirited away our Program chair Liz to help with LTUE, Her faithful team is still taking flyers to Radcon and spreading the word!