Convention Commitee Bios for Westercon 72 (and NASFiC should we win)

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Kate Hatcher (Isn't brought in last minute yay!) is a writer, disability advocate, RPG fan, customer service guru, voracious reader, world-builder and stay-at-home mother of an autistic giggle factory named Ireland. She majored in music theory and history at college and carries experience with lifestyle differences. 

Her first RPG character in the ’80s kicked a bad guy where it counts. After rolling 4 (D-6) and re-rolling successes, the table group groaned, protected their characters’ anatomies and pushed her to run online tabletop games. She met her husband Ben as her vampire erased his character’s memory and they stuck like fan-glue for the last fourteen years. Kate is often pulled into conventions last minute to help, which earned her the nickname of ‘Igor’. Certified to run the floor of a hospital, she volunteered with Westercon 67LTUE (Life, the Universe and Everything), Salt Lake Comic Con and is currently helping Westercon 70 . and Worldcon 76



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Dave Doering is a life-long fan, even though he didn't discover fandom until he attended Brigham Young University. There he founded the student SF/F journal The Leading Edge, one of the oldest such continuously published in the country. He also founded Life, the Universe, and Everything, the annual writer/creator con held in Provo with over 1600 attending. He was chair of Costume Con 23 and Westercon 67 as well as served on staff for Conduit, Norwescon, and Sasquan..



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best teachers ever photo u1Taught to read by his oldest sister who read him Star Trek novels, Ben is an avowed fan of both Science Fiction and Fantasy. His first convention was the only visit of Doctor Who to South Carolina in the mid-eighties.  Later on, he attended and supported Gen Con, Origins, and the Star Wars 30th Anniversary Convention in Los Angeles, followed by two separate LTUE's and Westercon 67. Ben is also a long term online player of White Wolf's World of Darkness role-playing games, and online GM.   

He stays current with computer hardware, time permitting, and still has written permission from BBC to build his very own TARDIS computer. Ben is also a retired medieval weapon smith and armorer who swears his most popular selling item was the Klingon Bat'leth. Currently he works on his fan fiction writing as well doing research for an original novel.


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WolfSinger SilverShadow


Godfather to the Ireland giggle factory, Wolfsinger’s main goals include keeping Kate’s websites from imploding when she screws them up in the name of learning, and eating steak dinners for life. Working on his Bachelors in IT, he has an AA in computer science and multiple certifications. He has worked in the tech industry for over 25 years, and currently is a software engineer at ProShip.

Wolfsinger has enjoyed being a part of furry fandom since his teens. He has attended Midwest Furfest, Anthrocon, Gencon, Rainfurrest, Steamposium, and Fursquared. One of his goals is to get Westercon to Wisconsin so he doesn't have to help with Dave Doering and Kate Hatcher's conventions when they are all in Utah.



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 (Elizabeth has not graced us with a bio yet)





Charles Galway - (ConCom)

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 Charles delved into fandom in the 1970’s with Utah’s first Star Trek and Science Fiction conventions. He became involved with the next three cons (Intervention) and attended his first Westercons in 1978 & 1979. His first Worldcon was Iguanacon in 1978 in Phoenix. He has volunteered at 25 local CONduits, the joint CONduit & Westercon in 2014, and was an assistant chair for Costumecon 23 in Ogden, Utah. 

Charles worked in an engineering research lab in his spare time while getting a bio-degree and an MA in Education. He participates and works at ‘Make Salt Lake’ (a makerspace workshop) and enjoys helping bellydance shows with lighting, performing and assistant event tech. He was involved with the local Society for Creative Anachronism shire and Barony Loch Salaan.



Other Committee Members: (Who will hopefully grace us with their info soon)

Bobbi Armbruster

David Gallaher

Bruce Farr

Pam Oberg

Sean McCoy

Patty Wells

Michael Oberg

Dee Astell

Hal Astell

Rick Moen

Jayrod Garrett

Joe Monson

Jerry Gieseke

Ben Yalow

Mike Willmoth

Jessica Crichton

Michael Harmon

Jaleta Clegg

Kenway Miller

John Hertz

Randall Shepherd

Ginny Smith

Logan Kearsley



What is a Westercon?
In 1948, Walter J. “Doc” Daugherty of the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society proposed that an annual West Coast convention be started for West Coast fans who couldn’t afford to travel east each year. The first Westercon was held in September, 1948. It was a one-day event with an attendance of 77. It wasn’t until 1951 that the Westercon became a weekend-long event, settled into the July 4th holiday and began traveling to different cities. For a full history and traditions of this regional event, please visit

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Orycon 39

Orycon 39 Portland, Oregon

Dates: November 17 - 19th, 2017

Location: The Red Lion Hotel - Jantzen Beach

Our Programming Dept. Head - Elizabeth Vann-Clark hopes to say hello, dazzle you with everything we have planned and ply you with ribbons or artwork. Be sure to catch a peek at our tshirts and facility brochures.

Orycon 39

Loscon 44

Loscon 44 2017 Los Angeles, CA

November 24 - 26th, 2017

Location: Marriott Los Angeles Airport Hotel

In support of Loscon, and the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society who holds the service mark for Westercon, we sent a team of expert infiltrators to inform you all about our convention and pass out flyers, ribbons, and data to make your membership getting convenient. If you are a member stop by for a ribbon while they last!

Loscon 44

Midwest Fur Fest

Midwest Fur Fest Rosemont, Il

Dates: November 30th - December 3rd, 2017

Location: Hyatt Regency OHare

Our super sneaky tech guru, Wolfsinger, is going to pass out flyers to show we are interested in all types of fandom everywhere across North America and beyond.

Midwest Fur Fest

Smofcon 35

Smofcon 35 - Boston Boston, MA

December 1 - 3rd, 2017

Location: Back Bay Hilton, Boston

It's official, our Convention Chair - Kate Hatcher is hopping a plane with her 'run you over' wheelchair. She hopes to ply the experienced movers and shakers of con running with drinks, charm, information, ribbons, shirts, and promise of excitement. To do this Kate will even brave the Fannish Inquisition while promising not to worry.... I mean they are only people who have been running worldcons for a long....long...time.... lol

Smofcon 35