These are members of Westercon 72, and of NASFiC 2019 should we win the vote


Supporting Members

Anonymous Supporting 1
Anonymous Supporting 2
Gene Armstrong
Graham Bradley
JL Curtis
Tom Deadstuff
Robert J. Defendi
Julie Dillon
Dennis Dorrity
Dan Dubrick
Thomas Eivins
Karen Evans
Julie Frost
Charlie Harmon
Steve Harmon
Daniel Jeffery
Althea McMurrian
John M Olsen
Kelly Olsen
Peter Orullian
Dr. Nikhil Pillarisetti Rao
Sharon Sbarsky
Eric James Stone
James Stringer
Attending Members 
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Anonymous Guest 2
Anonymous Member 1
Anonymous Member 2
Anonymous Member 3
Anonymous Member 4
Anonymous Member 5
Anonymous Member 6
Anonymous Member 7
Anonymous Member 8
Anonymous Member 9
Bobbi Armbruster
Dee Astell
Hal Astell
Michael Bacara
Matthew Balzer
Stephanie Bannon
Kuma Bear
Bryce Beattie
Judith Bemis
- Bjarni
B. Daniel Blatt
Gary S. Blog
AmyCat Book Universe
Seth Breidbart
Kim Brown
Jordan Brown
Alexandra Brown
Troy Brown
Pamela Burr
Arlene Busby
Jim Butcher
Bon Callahan
- Cathy
Robert 'Turtle' Clark
Jaleta Clegg
Joni Brill Dashoff
Todd Dashoff
Steve Davidson - Amazing Stories
Linda Deneroff
John DeVoy
Dave Doering
Craig Dyer
Donald Eastlake
Jill Eastlake
Nikki Ebright
Jacqueline T. Elderkin
David Farland
Bruce Farr
Thomas Fawkes
Elizabeth Fellows
Jerrie the Filk Ferengi
Charles Fisher
Teny Fisher
Jon Foster
Charles Galway
Mona Gamboa
Ruben Gamboa
Lisa Garrison
Ed Glantsman
Jean Goddin
Lynn Gold
Courtnee S. Goodwin
Lynne H. Goodwin
Michael C. Goodwin
Robert C. Goodwin
Tim Griffin
Alex Haig
Dennis Hansen
Ben Hatcher
Kate Hatcher
Lisa Hayes
Pat Hayes
Felicia Herman
John Hertz
- Ireland
Sourdough Jackson
R. E. Knight
Dave Knighton
Shani Knighton
Diana Koivunen
Katie Koppelman
Rick Kovalcik
Kitty Krell
David Kushner
Rebecca Kushner
Jim Lambert
Dee Ann Larsen
David Luperti
Jim Manning
Sandy Manning
Beth Marble
Chris Marble
Rick Matheny
Keith McClune
Sheila McClune
Bruce M. Miller
Rick Moen
Joe Monson
Marguerite T. Murray
Ron Oakes
Tara Oakes
Michael Oberg
Pamela Oberg
Chris Olds
Tony Parker
Robert Pechmann
Nora Rankin
Gibbitt Rhys-Jones
Linda Robinett
Kevin Roche
Deirdre Saiorse Moen
Scott Sanford
Jacob Sarvela
Gene Schneider
The Shadow Cat
Kara Slater
Stanley Slater 
Ginny Smith
Mistie Sparks
Kevin Standlee
Gary L. Swaty
Sherilynn Thagard
R-Laurraine Tutihasi
Billy Van Ark
JoSelle Vanderhooft
Elizabeth Vann-Clark
Becky Veal
Tom Veal
Flo Velasquez
Brandy Vickers
David Vickers
Lori Vickers
Vincent Villafranca
Mike Weasner
Randell John Weivoda
Sarah Weivoda
Patty Wells
Amy White
Mike Willmoth
Jeffrey Wilson
Rhonna Woodie
Ben Yalow
What is a Westercon?
In 1948, Walter J. “Doc” Daugherty of the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society proposed that an annual West Coast convention be started for West Coast fans who couldn’t afford to travel east each year. The first Westercon was held in September, 1948. It was a one-day event with an attendance of 77. It wasn’t until 1951 that the Westercon became a weekend-long event, settled into the July 4th holiday and began traveling to different cities. For a full history and traditions of this regional event, please visit

In the Works...

Committee Gallery
Images of our committee to show how we are tackling the job and how crazy we can be!

Which Convention is Next?

Find out where our flyers will be, tables, parties or us! February 2018 is so busy we crammed our flyers in 5 different places over Valentines Day Weekend!

Farpoint MD Hunt Valley, MD

February 9 - 11th, 2018

Location: Delta Hotel by Marriott

Our flyers are reaching further than ever, and thanks to Keith DeCandido, they are going to Farpoint! Have fun Maryland!



Capricon Wheeling, Il

Dates: February 15 - 18th, 2018

Location: The Westin Chicago North Shore

All hail fan GOH Dave McCarty for Capricon, but also find our flyers thanks to Bill Thomasson who is going to hold a "TrainCon" to Westercon 72 in 2019!

Capricon 38


LTUE 36 Provo, Utah

Dates: February 15 - 17th, 2018

Location: Provo Marriott & UVCC

Our Programming Dept. Head - Elizabeth Vann-Clark hopes to say hello, dazzle you with everything we have planned and ply you with ribbons or artwork. Our chair, treasurer, artists and social media will also be there reminding you to get your membership early and presupport our NASFiC bid.


Gallifrey One

Gallifrey One Los Angeles, CA

February 16 - 18th, 2018

Location: The Marriott LAX

A what? not what, Doctor Who! thank you to some of our committee including Chris Marble and David Gallaher for spreading our flyer love through space and time

Gallifrey One


Boskone 55 Boston, MA

Dates: February 16 - 18th, 2018

Location: Westin Waterfront Hotel, Boston Mass.

Congrats to Mary Robinette Kowal on GOH, and find a table much like this one with everything you need to presupport the NASFiC Bid, dang Train Gang hijacking us again! Thank you Steve Davidson!

Boskone 55


Radcon Pasco, WA

Dates: February 16 - 18th, 2018

Location: Red Lion Hotel

Yes we crammed flyers at yet another convention! Although we spirited away our Program chair Liz to help with LTUE, Her faithful team is still taking flyers to Radcon and spreading the word!